Surfvivor La Union Trip

Went on a surfing trip with friends at La Union last weekend and we joined Travel Factor for the second time around. This is for us not to have a hard time arranging the trip due to our busy schedule at work (so thanks again to Travel Factor). We left Manila Friday night around 12mn and arrived at San Juan, La Union around 6:00am. The group stayed at Sebay resort since San Juan Surf resort is fully booked. 

So we played frisbee first while others took a nap since they weren’t able to sleep well on our way. 

Then at 9am we have to get ready since that’s our schedule for Surfing 101 with the surfing instructors from Billabong Surf School owned by Luke Landrigan. Since the waves are too high and too strong for beginners like us in Urbiztondo, San Juan…

we had to transfer to Bacnotan for some smaller waves that we can ride on.

I love the boards that the instructors from the Billabong Surf School used since they have this so-called ‘soft’ boards for beginners. I also love the attitude and personality of the instructors since they’re super friendly and they really are dedicated to teach their students how to surf. They would make sure that their students would be able to ride on the waves before the surfing lesson ends. 

(Me and my friends while waiting for our turn.)

(w/ the instructors)

After our surfing lessons, we had an appointment with Jack Daniels to end our day. (Kiddin!) 

We had our breakfast at San Juan Surf resort which is right beside Sebay resort and look who we found… The famous Luke Landrigan.

(The view from San Juan Surf resort)

(with my adventure buddies Pao and Donna)

(The whole group)

If you guys want to learn how to surf, I definitely suggest that you go to the Billabong Surf school at San Juan Surf resort since they offer the same price per hour which i think is around 400php atleast they have safer boards if its your first time to try surfing. 

San Juan Surf resort:

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